Our Story

  • 2003

    In 2003, we were young and wanted to open a dance club. But the idea never got off the ground

  • Early 2012

    clustrr.com domain was registered and Vinny started working on early version of Clustrr

  • Early 2013

    The spirit of partnership back in 2003 finally found its way in early 2013 when Vinny told Sarthak about this beautiful thing he was working on and later Aditya joined in

  • Feb 2014

    Clustrr became official. We worked hard, slept less, played (did we?)

  • June 2014

    Clustrr Preview launched


Beautiful, Professional and Functional

Every aspect of Clustrr was crafted with these three words in mind. Thus we set out to build something which had the beauty and glamour of great photography yet features that would help a professional to find opportunities, network with others, and promote and monetise from their talent. We couldn’t be happier to see all our efforts evolving Clustrr to become truly “Crafted for Creatives”.

The Crew

Vinny Bhaskar

Co-founder. Kickass developer and web/UX designer. Photographer.

From hardware to software, creative and versatile Vinny is the master of development and web design, period! A semi-pro photographer, in pursuit of finding a place which was made for and listened to what photographers want but finding none, Clustrr started as his brainchild. Vinny’s attention to detail and beautiful minimalistic design concepts reflect in every element of the website. Its always fun when Aditya and Sarthak get into argument about “i-devices” with him.

Sarthak Moghe

Co-Founder. Idea Factory. Storyteller. Electronic Dance Music lover.

Living in a corporate jungle yet dreaming of flying in an open sky, Sarthak had always been an entrepreneur at heart and has many ideas in his otherwise stupid mind. Responsible for the Product and Business Management, his different point of view and finding ways to solving problems has been instrumental in making Clustrr truly functional for the creatives. A bedroom Dj, a blogger/writer and a technology junkie, he is still failing at the art of letting his heart rule his head and acting impulsively.

Aditya Moghe

Co-founder. Fun and creative person. Amateur game developer. Experienced web designer.

a.k.a “Bones”, Aditya is the creative juice behind our beautiful logo, frontend and countless design elements and graphics on Clustrr. At the same time his contribution to the development and programming has kind of made his role in Clustrr “Party in the Front, Business in the Back”! A game-o-holic, he has adapted himself to a nocturnal lifestyle. Him and Apollo aren’t exactly friends.