There are supermarkets and there are studios; yellow pages and elite lists. For someone in a business of moving volumes, perhaps the former works quite well. But then I believe artists deserve a place more inspiring and as beautiful as their work. Picasso once said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. And it is so true as every other human in the world, every creative mind in the photography & media industry is a victim of a belly that cannot not live on creative juices alone. Thus every professional today have to have their markings on a number of digital and social platforms to promote themselves, showcase their work, build their audience, find their market and so on. If you are a professional or amateur individual or business in the photography & media industry, chances are that your professional […]

Some days ago, I found a post which looked controversial and intriguing enough to read through the article — “How to Save Big Money by Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer” If you don’t have the time to go through the whole story, in short, the author Frank McKenna explained how to create “professional style” wedding shots by renting some gear, recruiting some friends, reading a lot and adding a touch of Photoshop. Towards the end, the author managed to save those stressed couples $100 with just a burden of 100 hours of more work! Well played on sarcasm Frank, well played! Although this post could be a good article for someone to learn photography, lets talk about planning your weddings or any special occasions by finding the “right” photographer without breaking your bank Now the question is — How do I find the Right Photographer? The answer is – Through Internet! Sounds too […]

Every now and then, we come across a stunning picture, we embrace its beauty and praise the artist with our comments, likes and shares. But how often do we wonder that sometimes, a great artwork may have involve many in the making. So whether it is the stunning model in front of the lens or the talented retouchers, strobists, fashion designers and beauticians behind, we believe that they should also share the same joy to see likes and comments on your (their) photo. And thats why we designed Credits! Credit is a unique way of saying “Thanks” to people who helped you create a photo – as when you upload and credit someone in the photo, you are adding credibility to their profile and helping them get more exposure and opportunities. At the same time, your profile is enriched every time someone credits you! We believe this kind of appreciation […]

After a stealthy Alpha, Clustrr – a professional platform for creatives in Photography, Fashion and Media has launched in Public beta with some exciting features. Dedicated to all professional and upcoming Photographers, Models, Retouchers, Fashion Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists, Actors, Filmmakers, Photo Journalists and Photo Lovers, Clustrr provides a single place to curate their photos and bio, find work, network and discover something new. Today a photographer / model or any creative has to spend tremendous time and effort in marketing themselves and find work; from keeping websites, blogs, resumes and social networks updated concurrently to searching the web and networking for projects and assignments. We want to give some of such time “back” to the artist to let them do what they do best. Since it launch, we have been working hard to design features that fit into the professional workflow of these talented people. So whether its […]

Special Thank You

October 18, 2014 | Sarthak Moghe

Dear Friends, Not a long time ago, we started Clustrr with one thought in our mind – to provide creatives in the Photography, Fashion & Media a single place to curate their photos, find work, network & discover something new! Since then we have been working hard to unify Beautiful Photography, Professional Portfolio & Functional Marketplace. And with all your support along the way, we are super excited to announce that we are now in Public Beta! Some of you have been with us from the very beginning, and I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You! You have a special place in our heart and we will always remember your kind support”. Finally it goes without saying, we need your continuing encouragement to make Clustrr crafted for creatives like you. So please keep inspiring us with your photos and stories and take a little time to […]

This week on Clustrr we saw an upload that intrigued us a bit. The upload was a photo titled “The Ashes of Ancient Era” — by Anand Bansal. We thought there’s more to the photo than meets the eye. We reached out to Anand to get an insight into what it might be. And here’s what he told us about the photo and what he feels about photography. Photography, it is the first thing that comes into my mind when someone asks me to tell about my passion. According to people being a photographer is very easy, it’s just to press the button of the camera, but it isn’t. A photographer says a thousand words and a photographer, who is an artist pre visualizes the image is his/her mind. It is the art of making things look stunning and to excel it you require patience and a lot of experience. […]

First Print

June 17, 2014 | Sarthak Moghe

Beautiful and Functional That’s how we imagined and created Clustrr to be for our professional and budding creatives in the photography industry. From Photographers to Models, Fashion Designers to Hair and Makeup Artists, Filmmakers, Strobists and Retouchers to Photography and Media businesses, and for every photographic art lover, Clustrr aims to be a tool that these artists can use to make their professional life easier and productive. You may be excited to see how you can use Clustrr to: Showcase your work and get noticed Discover Opportunities and Assignments Find and organize Events around you Credit and Recommend people you work with, and get credited and recommended by them Go Behind the Scenes and learn how a masterpiece is created Explore, Communicate and Appreciate photos, people and more! With its seed of thought in early 2012, Clustrr had been nurturing in our heads, developing little features and growing in more […]