There are supermarkets and there are studios; yellow pages and elite lists. For someone in a business of moving volumes, perhaps the former works quite well. But then I believe artists deserve a place more inspiring and as beautiful as their work.

Picasso once said

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”.

And it is so true as every other human in the world, every creative mind in the photography & media industry is a victim of a belly that cannot not live on creative juices alone. Thus every professional today have to have their markings on a number of digital and social platforms to promote themselves, showcase their work, build their audience, find their market and so on.

If you are a professional or amateur individual or business in the photography & media industry, chances are that your professional life is fragmented and your actual creative work is in a constant battle with managing your digital presence.

Does this sound like your workaday?

  • My portfolio and bio has to be updated constantly on my website,
  • I have got to feed my fans & followers on every personal social media out there.
  • I rely on word of mouth, classifieds, social networks and search engines for finding people, projects, work assignments, latest events, activities and what’s happening around me,
  • And worst of all, I am paying multiple service providers for hosting, marketing, blogging, advertising, uploading, job hunting, (and eating and sleeping and breathing….)

We believe it is a problem, a problem where a photographer / model or any creative has to spend tremendous time & effort in marketing themselves and find work.

We want to give some of such time ‘back’ to these artists to let them do what they do best”

And that’s when we created Clustrr — a professional platform dedicated to all professional and upcoming Photographers, Models, Retouchers, Fashion Designers, Hair & Makeup Artists, Actors, Filmmakers, Photo Journalists and Photo Lovers

After a stealthy Alpha, Clustrr has launched in Public beta with some exciting features that fit into your professional workflow and become a single place to curate your photos & bio, find work, network & discover something new!