This week on Clustrr we saw an upload that intrigued us a bit. The upload was a photo titled “The Ashes of Ancient Era” — by Anand Bansal. We thought there’s more to the photo than meets the eye. We reached out to Anand to get an insight into what it might be. And here’s what he told us about the photo and what he feels about photography.

Photography, it is the first thing that comes into my mind when someone asks me to tell about my passion. According to people being a photographer is very easy, it’s just to press the button of the camera, but it isn’t. A photographer says a thousand words and a photographer, who is an artist pre visualizes the image is his/her mind. It is the art of making things look stunning and to excel it you require patience and a lot of experience. I started photography two years back and I still get confused in its basics. Every photo you click, every single image should be better than the previous one and that’s what makes you progress. You learn at every single step of your life and even photography is the same, you learn something from a person who is very experienced and even from someone who has just started photography. One needs to have the patience of listening to the bad aspects of the picture clicked by him and make sure that the mistake is not repeated afterwards, my mentor the person who started a group of which I am a part, he was the one who told me my mistakes and still does. He keeps scrutinizing my photos and that’s how I have improved and I always will.

On coming to the photo, it was clicked at the IPSC visual arts 2013. I had my event of Conceptual Photography (Topic: Light and Shadow). I would like to share with you the story behind this photo. I and Avni were searching for something that we can use as a prop for our event and suddenly when she noticed few stones and we arranged it randomly and saw a shadow was forming showing a side profile of a man. So we took the stones and tried arranging them again and finally got the output that perfectly was for the topic ‘light and shadow’. I call it ‘THE FACE’.

We were so impressed by the efforts and the concept that went into making of the photo by this 17 year old, we thought of featuring it on our homepage to give Anand a well deserved round of applause.