Some days ago, I found a post which looked controversial and intriguing enough to read through the article — “How to Save Big Money by Not Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

If you don’t have the time to go through the whole story, in short, the author Frank McKenna explained how to create “professional style” wedding shots by renting some gear, recruiting some friends, reading a lot and adding a touch of Photoshop.

Towards the end, the author managed to save those stressed couples $100 with just a burden of 100 hours of more work!

Well played on sarcasm Frank, well played!

Although this post could be a good article for someone to learn photography, lets talk about planning your weddings or any special occasions by finding the “right” photographer without breaking your bank

Now the question is — How do I find the Right Photographer?

The answer is – Through Internet!

Sounds too vague? Sorry, let me break it down for you. But first, here are few things to keep in mind before you begin for saving those bucks yet not spending countless hours:

  1. A right photographer does not have to be a famous (and, expensive) photographer
  2. Before you go through a photographer’s list price and packages, keep a budget in mind. The right photographer is the one who can meet your expectations, not the other way around!
  3. A good photograph is easy, a great photograph is the combination of right lighting / strobist, hair & make-up. So you may want to do two things here – (a) Get your hair& make-up artist and your photographer to talk beforehand to agree upon the suitable make-up for the scene and (b) consider checking with photographer if he/she is going to bring a dedicated strobist or lights to your glorious day!
  4. Some wedding planners and places might give you a “package” on photography, hair & makeup, places to shoot etc. Although this may save you some time, remember they are charging you a premium for it!
  5. Rather than having your shots taken at places selected by the photographer, choose places, which are significant in your life — be it a church, your house or the place you first met! A right photographer is a one who is ready to step out of his / her comfort zone and make places that may seem boring otherwise look interesting thorough his/her creativity!

Now coming back to the searching part, here’s how you could do it.

Google is my best friend!

Well yes! But remember to search for photographers in your city. No point searching for photographer half way around the globe.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, linkedin, myspace, blogs, fstoppers, 500px, 1x, etc etc!

These sites are great for finding photographers and going through their work, although it may be a bit difficult to point out a needle (the right photographer) in a haystack of millions of results, and you might spend some time finding their contact info, contacting them, selecting one, negotiating on price etc.

The other thing you can do on some of these social sites is ask your friends (and if you’re famous, followers) for recommendations. However keep in mind, you may have hundreds of “friends” on these site, and you may have to invite those who respond to your question out of nothing but courtesy!

Let Photographers come to you!

This home-delivery model by Clustrr I believe is by far a simpler and more effective approach, where you create an assignment, select your budget and let photographers apply for it. You can then go through their portfolios and start a conversation with those you find interesting.

This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to seek people who may not be available / in your budget or not interested. Plus, you saved some money by not getting enchanted by some hotshot photographer and ignore a just as good, but an upcoming creative just because the former had a fancy website!

So that’s it! And if you reading this article while planning for your wedding, I hope this information was able to calm down those neurotic nerves and give you some ideas – Now I wish you and your partner a picturesque life together!