After a stealthy Alpha, Clustrr – a professional platform for creatives in Photography, Fashion and Media has launched in Public beta with some exciting features.

Dedicated to all professional and upcoming Photographers, Models, Retouchers, Fashion Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists, Actors, Filmmakers, Photo Journalists and Photo Lovers, Clustrr provides a single place to curate their photos and bio, find work, network and discover something new.

Today a photographer / model or any creative has to spend tremendous time and effort in marketing themselves and find work; from keeping websites, blogs, resumes and social networks updated concurrently to searching the web and networking for projects and assignments.

We want to give some of such time “back” to the artist to let them do what they do best.

Since it launch, we have been working hard to design features that fit into the professional workflow of these talented people. So whether its a photographer looking for a location to shoot at, a model wanting a photographer for a portfolio, or an actor looking for open casting calls, they won’t need to leave this curated microenvironment.

A unification of Beautiful Photography, Professional portfolio and Functional Marketplace Clustrr offers a number of features for these creatives.

Stunning Portfolios

Clustrr lets creatives focus on their passion by consolidating their photos, accomplishments, skills and personal information in a single place. Its like a linkedin of the creative industry.

Truly Functional Marketplace

Clustrr helps a creative’s passion turned profession make money! User can easily filter, find and apply on assignments within clustrr without a need to create accounts, upload resumes or email links to their work.


A great picture involves many in the making; be it a model in front of the lens or a retoucher behind. With Clustrr a professional can credit others who helped which adds credibility to their profiles. It’s a great way to say thanks and builds a deeper, stronger network.


With events, workshops and photo walks, creatives will never miss an opportunity to connect, discover and learn what’s happening around them.

Behind the Scenes

From inspiration to perfection, users can learn the secrets and see how a masterpiece is created going through behind the scenes (BTS) shots.

Professional Directory

With a vast listing of talented creatives, Clustrr makes finding and contacting someone for work or fun simpler.


“It’s about whom you’re heard from”. Clustrr helps build a creative community by encouraging creatives to recommend someone or get recommend, follow those who inspire them and inspire those who follow them.

And all that social stuff

With karma, likes, shares, comment, favourites and more, our users will find ways to come in the limelight and get discovered by thousands of photo lovers and fellow creatives alike.

Thus we are very excited to launch Clustrr and eager to collect feedback from the community to make our product truly “crafted for creatives”.

Everyday millions of pictures gets liked,
shared and disappear (some quite literally)
People follow People who follow more People
Social is saturated, Professional fragmented
If your life is about photos, Your Photos should do More