Every now and then, we come across a stunning picture, we embrace its beauty and praise the artist with our comments, likes and shares. But how often do we wonder that sometimes, a great artwork may have involve many in the making.

So whether it is the stunning model in front of the lens or the talented retouchers, strobists, fashion designers and beauticians behind, we believe that they should also share the same joy to see likes and comments on your (their) photo.

And thats why we designed Credits!

Credit is a unique way of saying “Thanks” to people who helped you create a photo – as when you upload and credit someone in the photo, you are adding credibility to their profile and helping them get more exposure and opportunities. At the same time, your profile is enriched every time someone credits you!

We believe this kind of appreciation is fundamental for building a deeper and stronger professional community.

Crediting someone is easy:

  1. Click on the ‘+’ icon (under the Credits section on your photo page)
  2. Start typing the name of the person
  3. Select the name and profession you would like to credit them for.

If that person is not on Clustrr, just type their email address and we will let them know you said a professional thanks!

At the same time, for people to be able to easily find you – please update your profile with your First and Last name


Update on our Crowd-funding campaign

With your love and support, to this date we have been able to raise 6% of our total goal of $10,000. And although this might seem small, it comes to show your trust in us, and we love you more for that. Around 500 people have viewed our campaign and close to 100 have referred us.

But we can use some more help! So please share, tweet, like, comment and if possible contribute to make our campaign a success.
(There are some perks for you too).

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